FRKNTN & MadMask Studio - Producer Masterclass (Terms & Conditions)

1. Masterclass:
a) The subject of the event is a masterclass led by experienced music producers from Poland - DNF and I.GOT.U.
b) During the event, instructors will present tips & tricks they use on a daily basis + show the deepest secrets of their most famous tracks. The exact plan of the masterclass will be made available to participants via email.
c) Despite the versatility of content and knowledge, the base DAW used by both instructors is Ableton Live 11.

2. Recipient:
a) The event is aimed at both beginners and those more advanced in the world of music. Basic knowledge of music production is welcome.

3. Date and Duration:
a) The masterclass will take place on December 3, 2023, at MadMask Studio Hanoi. (Exact time/hour of event will be announced no later than 28/12/2023)
b) The event will last for 8 hours, including a one-hour Demo Session.
c) Details and the exact schedule of the day will be sent to each participant by email no later than 28/12/2023.

4. Language of Communication:
a) The event will be conducted in English, with Vietnamese translation provided by the studio owner for participants.

5. Assets:
a) Participants will receive a complimentary Signature Sample Pack from the FRKNTN label, featuring works by DNF, I.GOT.U.
b) Additionally, participants will gain access to the private FRKNTN group on Telegram/Whatsapp/Zalo* (*to be determined).

6. Tickets:
a) The ticket price is 485 PLN (store default currency) ≈ 120 USD ≈ 2 915 700 VND, covering participation in the event and all the assets* mentioned above (*over 60 USD worth).
b) Tickets can only be purchased through the official shop. After purchase, participants will receive information via email within two business days.
c) The offer is non-refundable.
d) Payment options are: Quick Payment (PayPal/Card/Apple Pay etc.), Vietnamese Bank Transfer (chose this option and receive Transfer details by an email.) and Cash (pay by cash before entering our Masterclass)
e) Store frontend will show 0 PLN/USD while selecting 'Vietnamese Bank Transfer' / 'Cash' to proceed and to make and official order. This do not mean that you have a free entry to the Masterclass!
f) Ticket/Participation will be valid only after successful payment.

7. Participation:
a) Purchasing participation is personal and valid for one participant.
b) Participants are required to provide all necessary information during the purchase process.

8. Audio-Visual Recordings:
a) Participants are prohibited from recording the entire event in any format.
b) The whole event will be recorded by the organizers for documentation purposes.

9. Final Provisions:
a) Organizers reserve the right to make changes to the Masterclass program if necessary.
b) Organizers are not responsible for the loss or damage of participants' property during the event.

9. Acceptance of Terms:
a) Purchasing a ticket implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.
b) Each participant will be required to sign the Terms and Conditions upon arrival at the studio.

We hope that the Masterclass will bring inspiration and new skills to all participants!

FRKNTN x MadMask Studio